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Amazing Smile Makeovers from Your Cosmetic Dentist Palm Beach Gardens

November 1, 2015

woman with a beautiful smile thanks to the cosmetic dentist palm beach gardens residents rely onDon’t accept a smile you’re not proud to share. Cosmetic dentistry services from Juno Beach Smiles allow patients to smile with confidence, and enjoy flawless teeth they’ve only dreamed of. In addition to improving your image and self-confidence, enhancing the appearance of your smile can even improve oral health improving chewing ability and allowing for more thorough oral hygiene. If you find yourself covering your mouth when you speak, laugh, or smile, avoiding photos, and frowning in the pictures you do take, contact your Palm Beach Gardens dentist today.

Jupiter dentists, Greg K. Riley DMD PA and Duane E. Keuning DMD PA, craft smiles that sparkle with health

September 11, 2015

woman smiling with beautiful teeth from the Jupiter dentistsWhat could be better than a healthy smile? Most people would say “A healthy and beautiful smile.”

Doctors Greg K. Riley and Duane E. Keuning, Jupiter dentists at Juno Beach Smiles, would agree with you. So, they have developed their dental practice to craft comprehensive Jupiter smile makeovers for great oral health and good looks, too.

The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Jupiter, FL with Respected Cosmetic Services

April 16, 2015

What is the first thing others notice about you? Do you think it’s the clothes you decided to put on today? Do you believe it’s the amazing shoes you bought the other day? The answer is your smile. Your smile conveys your mood and personality, and it is the very thing that catches the eye immediately. So, are you content with your smile, or do you find yourself hiding it? Instead of dealing with a dull smile, change it to dazzling with the aid of cosmetic dentistry. No one provides better cosmetic dental care than Juno Beach Smiles, located near Jupiter, FL.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

153070499Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley, a duo of cosmetic dentists with years of experience, and their expert team are dedicated to providing every patient with phenomenal oral health, and they are passionate about meeting the dental goals of each patient. We understand that some people want to improve the look of their teeth, which is why we offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. This type of dentistry is designed to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, providing a celebrity-like smile, while eliminating dental imperfections. When patients come in our office for cosmetic services, we will listen to their goals, form a plan to achieve those goals, and offer our stellar treatments to achieve the smile desired.

What Treatments are Available?

Not every case is the same, which is why we will suggest specific treatments, customized for your personal goals. Whether you are looking to straighten your teeth or see them in a brighter shade of white, we offer several cosmetic treatments, including:

  • Invisalign: Instead of dealing with traditional braces with wires and brackets, Invisalign can straighten teeth with personalized sets of clear aligners.
  • Teeth Whitening: In a single office visit, we can apply safe, effective whitening to give your teeth a sparking, white shine.
  • Porcelain Veneers: If your teeth are slightly discolored, cracked, or chipped, porcelain veneers can correct the issue, restore strength, and provide an amazing, luminous look.

 Receive Our Stellar Treatments Today!

We genuinely want all of our patients to have happy, gorgeous smiles, and we have the talent and equipment to do so. If you are ready to receive the best cosmetic dental care, contact us today and schedule your appointment. Our office doors are always open to those who live in Jupiter, FL, Juno Beach, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and the surrounding areas.

Clear Braces for Busy Adults: Invisalign and ClearCorrect

November 10, 2014

156872951Getting straight teeth with orthodontics isn’t just for kids and teens anymore. Today, you can discretely and conveniently correct your adult orthodontic issues with clear braces from Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Invisalign and ClearCorrect can address many orthodontic problems including: overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, cross bites, over or under bites, and deep bites. Because they can be removed at any time during treatment, you can eat and drink whatever you want, maintain your oral hygiene routine, and choose to remove them briefly for special occasions or important meetings. On the other hand, traditional fixed braces can only be removed by trained professionals. This can hinder your ability to clean your teeth and gums effectively, and may limit what food and drinks you can enjoy. If you have avoided orthodontic treatment with traditional braces, it’s time to see what clear braces can do for your teeth. To see if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign and ClearCorrect clear braces, make an appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles today. The experienced cosmetic dentists at Juno Beach Smiles can help you transform your smile. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley proudly serve patients throughout Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and the surrounding communities.

Clear Braces Answers: How Do Invisalign and ClearCorrect Work?

Among clear braces, Invisalign and ClearCorrect are among the most popular brands. In fact, Invisalign reports a 96% patient satisfaction rate. ClearCorrect is one of the newest and most affordable brands of clear braces, utilizing the latest digital mapping and molding technology. ClearCorrect also offers your dentist the option of ordering your aligners in shorter phases, which allows for free midcourse corrections if your treatment plan needs adjustment. For both products, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to verify that they can be straightened using the Invisalign or ClearCorrect systems. If they can, they will develop a virtual 3D treatment plan, showing how your teeth are expected to look at the end of your clear braces treatment. This plan will be sent to the clear braces labs for fabrication. The dentist will receive the completed aligners and disperse them to you accordingly. You will wear each set of custom-made clear aligners in two-week increments. Your teeth will begin shifting, little by little, gradually moving towards the projected final positions. You will need occasional check-ups throughout your treatment, and a retainer at the end of the treatment to maintain your results.

Clear Braces Consultations in Juno Beach, FL

Invisalign and ClearCorrect clear braces will work faster and more effectively the more time you spend wearing them. With clear braces, you will not have to worry about mouth sores from uncomfortable wires, or embarrassing metal brackets. Clear braces are made of a smooth thermoplastic material that is custom fitted to your mouth for a more natural look and feel. To get your adult orthodontics started, make an appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles today. They can help you achieve the straight, confident smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley proudly serve patients throughout Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and nearby areas.

How Do Misaligned Teeth Affect Oral Health?

June 26, 2014

Shutterstock Man Big SmileWhile most people agree that misaligned teeth have a negative impact on a person’s appearance, not many realize that crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth can also negatively affect your oral health. At Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry in Juno Beach, FL, Dr. Greg K. Riley and Dr. Duane E. Keuning offer an all-encompassing variety of cosmetic dental procedures that help your smile look and feel its best, including Invisalign clear braces.

The Importance of Straightening Your Teeth

When teeth are crooked or crowded, they are much more difficult to clean thoroughly, putting the unlucky patient at an increased risk for developing tooth decay and periodontal disease. When there is not enough room for a tooth to grow correctly, it may even begin to rotate as it presses its way against surrounding teeth. Conversely, when teeth are spaced too far apart, they are more likely to shift and drift out of their proper positions, causing problems with chewing and speaking properly.

Fortunately, there is a way to correct orthodontic issues like these – as well as overbites, underbites, and crossbites – that doesn’t involve the use of bulky metal braces: Invisalign clear aligners effectively straighten the teeth over a period of about 12 to 18 months, all without metal brackets or wires.

The Invisalign system utilizes a series of customized plastic aligners that are designed specifically to fit your unique dentition. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately two weeks and then the patient moves on to the next set in the series. They’re comfortable, clear, and effective, and have helped to improve the lives of innumerable teens and adults. Contact us to day to see if they might work for you.

Straighter Teeth, Healthier Smile

Do you struggle with the complications of misaligned teeth? If you would like to learn more about how Invisalign clear braces can help you achieve the flawless straight, healthy teeth you’ve always wanted, contact our office in Juno Beach, FL today to schedule your visit. Our experienced, highly-trained doctors and friendly staff look forward to welcoming you into our office and treating you like family. Our state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative dental practice happily welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Tequesta, and more.

Fix Your Smile with Invisalign Clear Braces

December 31, 2013

shutterstock_38724895Nothing should get in the way of you feeling confident about your smile. A smile is a first impression, and you want to make sure you make the best first impression possible. If you have gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth, you may feel as though there is no hope besides having a mouth full of metal. At Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic, we strive to make sure your smile is flawless by offering Invisalign to our patients.

Invisalign is a revolutionary technology, straightening your teeth through a series of aligners. Each aligner signifies the next step in your straightening process. Because each mouth is different, the aligners are made to fit your mouth only. Barely visible on your teeth, Invisalign helps you avoid the mouth full of metal you may have been worried about, giving you the confidence to wear the aligners anywhere you go! Simply wear the aligners for 2 weeks at a time, then transition to the next one.

One of the major benefits to Invisalign is that it gives you better oral health than traditional braces. Whenever you need to eat, drink, floss, or brush, simply remove the aligners and reapply them when you are finished. That way, no food is stuck in the wires and brackets, letting bacteria sit in your mouth and possibly cause bad oral health. Also, with Invisalign, you will not have to make adjusting appointments, saving you money in the long run!

Do you have questions about Invisalign and how it can improve your smile? Call Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic for an appointment. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley offer exception cosmetic and restorative care to patients from Palm Beach GardensJupiterNorth Palm Beach, or Tequesta.

Cosmetic Care for Spring and Summer

April 10, 2013

cosmetic dentistrySpring is here and summer’s not far behind. That means spending more time outdoors with friends and family, especially for upcoming holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Why not make sure you’re ready for those moments with a cosmetic dentistry service from Juno Beach Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. With one or more of our cosmetic services, we can help you create a whiter, straighter smile you’ll want to share with those you love.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

With these services, we can eliminate yellowing or stains, straighten misaligned teeth, and repair cracked or chipped teeth.

But which service is right for you?

That’s a question Dr. Duane Keuning and Dr. Greg Riley would be happy to answer during a routine consultation visit. They’ll start with a thorough oral exam to see how your smile is doing and what your needs are. If any care is need beforehand, we can talk to you about treatment solutions. We can also answer questions you might have about the cosmetic services we recommend. Then, when you’re completely certain about the plan we’ve suggested, we can start putting it into action.

Call us today to reserve an appointment with us. We provide care to patients from Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, or Tequesta.

The Health Benefits of Invisalign

March 29, 2013

InvisalignIn our last post, we talked about some of the most convenient benefits of straightening your smile with Invisalign, the first being that Invisalign is clear and the second being that Invisalign is removable. But the second benefit isn’t just about convenience; it also benefits your oral health.

With traditional braces, food can become trapped around the brackets and wires that move teeth into their ideal alignment. If these bits of food aren’t cleaned away through brushing and flossing, they can make patients more vulnerable to common oral health conditions, like tooth decay and gum disease. What’s more, some foods can actually damage braces, requiring extra office visits.

With Invisalign, our Juno Beach patients don’t have to worry about either of these. Because Invisalign uses removable aligners, you can enjoy the same foods you always have. You don’t have to worry about hurting your braces, because you take them out for meals. Plus, because you’ll also take your aligners out for brushing and flossing, you can clean your smile as thoroughly as you would without braces.

Both of these benefits translate into a potentially healthier treatment time. Because you’re not limited in what you can eat, you can enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet that includes healthy but hard-to-eat foods. You can also take better care of your smile with regular at-home care and professional cleanings.

Do you want to know if Invisalign is right for you? Call Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry. Drs. Duane Keuning and Greg Riley are happy to provide care to patients from Juno Beach, North Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Tequesta, and beyond.

Discreet Orthodontic Care with Invisalign

March 22, 2013

InvisalignHave you avoided orthodontic care because you don’t want to commit to a year or more of traditional braces? Your team at Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry has good news. Your ticket to a straighter, healthier smile doesn’t have to lie behind the brackets and wires of traditional braces. Instead, you can achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with revolutionary service known as Invisalign.

Convenient Benefits of Invisalign

The major benefit of Invisalign over traditional braces is that Invisalign doesn’t use brackets or wires. Instead, this great orthodontic system lets our Juno Beach patients enjoy a more discreet treatment. That’s because Invisalign uses clear, custom-made aligners that are nearly invisible. No one but you and our cosmetic dentistry team will ever have to know about your treatment.

But clear aligners aren’t the only benefit of Invisalign. They’re also removable. That means you can take them for enjoying meals and for brushing and flossing every day. You’ll also take them out to move from your current aligner to the next one in your treatment kit. By the time your treatment is done, you’ll have worn every aligner in your kit for about two weeks each.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign works well for patients concerned primarily with how their smile looks, which means it’s not right for every patient. If you need orthodontic care and want to find out if Invisalign is right for you, call Juno Beach Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry for an appointment. Dr. Duane Keuning and Dr. Greg Riley provide general, cosmetic, and restorative care for patients from Juno Beach, Tequesta, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and beyond.

Smile Makeovers

November 27, 2012

Is your smile not quite what you’d like? The team here at Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry is ready to help! We can create a smile makeover plan to get you smiling proudly again!

There are a variety of options available for your smile makeover! Porcelain veneers and teeth whitening deal with the physical appearance of your teeth. Porcelain veneers can help hide cracks, chips, discolorations and minor gaps in your teeth, among things, while teeth whitening will leave your teeth a bright, shining white.

Laser gum contouring is a great option if you think your smile is too “gummy.” Our doctors will carefully and precisely use a laser to reduce the size of your gums and help enhance your smile.

If your teeth are crooked, Invisalign is a great choice! These clear braces work by using a series of clear aligners, to gradually straighten your teeth. What’s more, you’ll have the freedom to remove your aligners for important events and without the irritation of metal in your mouth.

If you’re interested in a smile makeover, Dr. Greg Riley and Dr. Duane Keuning of Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry would be happy to tell you more. Call our Juno Beach dental office today to schedule your appointment. We serve patients from North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, Jupiter, and beyond.

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