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TMJ Treatment – Juno Beach, FL

Find Relief from Persistent Jaw Pain

Do you struggle with persistent jaw pain, frequent headaches, or annoying facial pain? You may have TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods we can use to help you find relief. After we evaluate your situation, we will recommend your next steps. Contact us today to learn more about TMJ treatment near Jupiter, FL. We look forward to helping you achieve a pain-free smile!

Why Chooses Juno Beach Smiles for TMJ Treatment?

  • Experienced Dentists
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Find Relief from Jaw Pain

What Is TMJ Disorder?

Gloved hand pointing at TMJ on model, explaining TMJ treatment in Juno Beach

If you place a finger on both sides of your face just in front of your ears and then open and close your mouth, you’ll be able to feel your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) working. These joints have the critical function of attaching your mandible to your skull and facilitating movement. Even the slightest problems with them can result in significant pain and other consequences. Collectively, such issues are known as TMJ disorder, TMJ dysfunction, or TMD.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Woman with facial pain, experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder

The most common and obvious symptoms of TMD are things like persistent jaw pain, difficulty chewing, facial pain, and a clicking or popping sensation in the jaw. Lockjaw and limited mouth movements might also occur. However, this condition can cause a slew of other problems that go beyond the face and jaw. You might also experience:

Types of TMJ Treatment

Patient and dental team member discussing options for TMJ treatment

As your dentist near Jupiter, we will thoroughly evaluate your situation before we recommend a treatment. To that end, we may take some X-Rays, perform a visual examination of your mouth, and ask you about any relevant lifestyle factors. Depending on what we believe to be the cause of your TMD, we will recommend your next steps. In addition to giving you advice on at-home care, we may urge you to use one of the following treatments:

Occlusal Splint

Smiling woman holding occlusal splint for TMJ treatment near Jupiter

These customized oral appliances are designed to prevent damaging contact between teeth and provide a comfortable resting position as normal jaw function is established. They can also prevent bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), which is a common contributor to TMD.

Equilibration/Occlusal Adjustment

Patient smiling during appointment for occlusal adjustment

TMD may occur because there are slight problems with your occlusion (bite) that interfere with the ability of your top and bottom teeth to work harmoniously together. Our doctors can slightly alter your teeth or restorations to create a more pleasing occlusion that no longer causes aggravation.

BOTOX® Injections

Relaxed female patient receiving BOTOX injection near her TMJ

BOTOX® is often known as a cosmetic treatment, but it can also provide powerful relief from TMD symptoms. It can relax overworked facial muscles, thereby putting a stop to facial pain and jaw aches. Periodic injections (every 3 – 6 months or so) can help you enjoy long-term freedom from the annoying problems associated with TMD.

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