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How We Have Transformed Smiles

Watch Elaine’s Story

Elaine’s teeth were fine for the majority of her life, but after suffering a few illnesses back to back, her teeth were quickly and extensively damaged, turning them into what she called “little nubs.” According to Dr. Keuning, “It was probably the most severe wear case that we had seen.” Fortunately, Elaine and Dr. Keuning were able to sit down, put together a treatment plan, and follow through to rebuild Elaine’s smile, both cosmetically and functionally. Now, Elaine feels like she can be herself again and says the experience at Juno Beach Smiles made her journey as easy as possible.

Read Elaine’s Story
Watch Jeanne’s Story

Jeanne was experiencing multiple problems simply due to time, as a few of her old restorations needed replacement, and some of her natural teeth were beginning to break down as well. Not a huge fan of the dentist, Dr. Riley and the team at Juno Beach Smiles took the time to explain her options and help her feel comfortable at every appointment. She felt very cared for throughout her smile makeover process, and she’s happy that she doesn’t have to worry about her teeth anymore. In her words, “This is one of the nicest practices I have ever, ever experienced.”

Read Jeanne’s Story
Watch Joan’s Story

Joan’s story is a pretty common one. She started experiencing bone loss in her upper jaw when she became pregnant with her first child, and this continued until she had to have four of her upper teeth removed on her 50th birthday. For nearly 30 years, she wore a partial denture and was told she wouldn’t be a good candidate for dental implants, but Dr. Riley didn’t believe that. Working with her and a specialist, he was able to give Joan strong and natural-looking implants that felt much more like the real teeth she had lost. These days, Joan hugs everyone when she comes into Juno Beach Smiles, and she loves that she never has to worry about her husband seeing her without teeth.

Read Joan’s Story
Watch Kathy’s Story

Kathy was experiencing chronic pain in her jaw and face for years, and despite getting temporary relief from various other treatments, nothing seemed to really last. She eventually saw on TV that Botox could be used to help her problem, so she found her way to Juno Beach Smiles. With just a few quick injections, Dr. Keuning was able to completely relieve her pain and help it stay away for an extended amount of time. For Kathy, this is the longest she’s ever gone without discomfort, and this freed her up to makeover her smile with porcelain veneers.

Read Kathy’s Story
Watch Kelly’s Story

Kelly really cares about her appearance and has a very vibrant personality, but after not taking care of her teeth for a long time, she was beginning to feel self-conscious about them. She and Dr. Riley decided that porcelain veneers would help her achieve the pristine look she was hoping for. Today, Kelly says she’s able to feel confident from head to toe. She appreciated that the staff was so helpful throughout the process when she felt doubt about following through with treatment, and the procedure itself was “the easiest thing I’ve ever done” thanks to Dr. Riley’s light touch and selection of music!

Read Kelly’s Story
Watch Steve’s Story

Steve has known the dentists here at Juno Beach Smiles since 1999, so when his teeth started to become noticeably worn, he knew exactly who to call. He needed over a dozen dental crowns, and he felt nervous about getting so much dental work at once, but Dr. Riley and the team were able to answer all his questions, walk him through the process, and help him feel completely comfortable. Steve was really impressed with the entire team, not just Dr. Riley, and now he enjoys getting compliments about his smile on a regular basis.

Read Steve’s Story
Watch Dr. Hinman's Story

Dr. Hinman was actually the first dentist right here at Juno Beach Smiles, and while enjoying his retirement, he eventually began to experience problems related to worn down teeth that led to a misaligned bite and frequent TMJ-related headaches. He turned to Dr. Riley and Dr. Keuning who recommended he get a full-mouth reconstruction. While Dr. Hinman was only concerned about getting out of pain, he was amazed at how great the final result both looked and felt, giving him a perfectly functional smile he’s always eager to show off.

Read Dr. Hinman’s Story
Watch Donna's Story

Donna had gotten porcelain veneers placed on her upper teeth by another dentist in the past, and she was never really happy with the work. Eventually, the veneers themselves started to fail and cause her problems, affecting both her oral function and confidence in her smile. At the suggestion of her husband (who had previously gotten a smile makeover from Dr. Riley), she came to Juno Beach Smiles to have them redone. Now, she couldn’t be happier with the results, and she says they make a positive impact on her life every day.

Read Donna’s Story
Watch Ruthye's Story

Ruthye was experiencing problems common for many denture wearers: despite having dental implants, her prosthetic just wouldn’t stay in place, and this led to quite a bit of oral discomfort. She was constantly worried that her teeth were literally going to fly out of her mouth! Thankfully, Dr. Keuning was able to remove the failing dental implants and give her a new denture that stays firmly in place. Ruthye never has to worry about her teeth any more, and she says her smile is now ready for Hollywood.

Read Ruthye’s Story
Watch Randi's Story

Randi’s teeth had started to develop cracks, and Dr. Riley was concerned that this would eventually lead to broken teeth. He was able to use porcelain veneers to not only stabilize and strengthen her teeth, but drastically improve their overall look as well. Randi is so thankful that she found Juno Beach Smiles and feels nothing but confidence when she goes out into the world.

Read Randi’s Story
Watch Augustine Family's Story

Matt and Heather Augustine are perfect examples of how just a little dentistry can make a dramatic difference for the smile. Matt underwent Invisalign in order to straighten some of his teeth that had shifted since getting braces as a child, and he said the process was easier than he could ever imagine. Heather, on the other hand, wanted to improve her teeth’s appearance without going overboard. Using porcelain veneers, Dr. Keuning was able to give her subtle results that are both beautiful and natural-looking, and she finds herself smiling more often as a result.

Read Augustine Family's Story
Watch Sylvia's Story

Sylvia is a longtime patient of Juno Beach Smiles, and over the years, her teeth had begun to wear down, and they were starting to make her feel self-conscious. Dr. Riley was able to not only restore her teeth using a combination of crowns and veneers, but enhance her smile’s overall appearance at the same time. Sylvia couldn’t be happier with her experience at the practice, which is why she’s encouraged her entire family to come visit us! 

Read Sylvia’s Story

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