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Are You Looking for a Dentist in North Palm Beach?

December 14, 2015

dentist north palm beachCommitment can be hard — especially when it comes to something as important as deciding who will care for your smile. But choosing a dentist who you’ll visit again and again is one big way to improve your oral health, ensuring you’ll enjoy your strong, beautiful teeth for a lifetime. If you’ve looked but still haven’t found a dentist in North Palm Beach to call your own, now is an excellent time to learn about the services Juno Beach Smiles offers — because this holiday season, we’re accepting new patients like you!


Amazing Smile Makeovers from Your Cosmetic Dentist Palm Beach Gardens

November 1, 2015

woman with a beautiful smile thanks to the cosmetic dentist palm beach gardens residents rely onDon’t accept a smile you’re not proud to share. Cosmetic dentistry services from Juno Beach Smiles allow patients to smile with confidence, and enjoy flawless teeth they’ve only dreamed of. In addition to improving your image and self-confidence, enhancing the appearance of your smile can even improve oral health improving chewing ability and allowing for more thorough oral hygiene. If you find yourself covering your mouth when you speak, laugh, or smile, avoiding photos, and frowning in the pictures you do take, contact your Palm Beach Gardens dentist today.

Jupiter dentists, Greg K. Riley DMD PA and Duane E. Keuning DMD PA, craft smiles that sparkle with health

September 11, 2015

woman smiling with beautiful teeth from the Jupiter dentistsWhat could be better than a healthy smile? Most people would say “A healthy and beautiful smile.”

Doctors Greg K. Riley and Duane E. Keuning, Jupiter dentists at Juno Beach Smiles, would agree with you. So, they have developed their dental practice to craft comprehensive Jupiter smile makeovers for great oral health and good looks, too.

Dental Crowns North Palm Beach Residents Prefer

August 14, 2015

Woman relaxes as she receives the dental crowns north palm beach residents trustImagine taking a bite of your favorite crunchy or chewy food. Everything seems fine, but then, a sharp pain shoots through your mouth. You find yourself chewing on a piece of your own tooth. Dental cracking and breaking occurs relatively frequently, and you’d be surprised how many patients choose not to restore these problems right away. However, over time these cracked and broken teeth become susceptible to tooth decay and root canal infections as bacteria is able to directly affect the inner layers of your tooth. In the past, restoring a broken tooth was considered too timely and ineffective, so patients would often have the tooth pulled. At Juno Beach Smiles, we practice conservative dentistry which means we always attempt to preserve natural tooth structure, but we are also a cosmetic dentist which means we want your smile to look as good as it feels after restoration. That’s why for severely cracked and broken teeth or teeth that have undergone root canal therapy, we recommend porcelain or metal supported porcelain dental crowns. If you have a tooth in need of repair, call Juno Beach Smiles to find out more about how dental crowns can give you back your beautiful smile.

Completely Renovate Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction from the Restorative Dentistry Specialists of Juno Beach Smiles

February 24, 2015

86498497Do you have too many dental concerns to count? Even the most neglected teeth and gums can be repaired and renewed with restorative dentistry treatment. Full mouth reconstruction is a restorative dentistry process for the rebuilding and restoring of the entire oral cavity, including your gums and all teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. Full mouth reconstruction can involve multiple procedures including dental crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers, gum recontouring, root canal therapy, and orthodontics. Whatever the current condition of your teeth gums, there is a combination of restorative dentistry treatments that will help. Make an appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles for your full mouth reconstruction consultation today. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley are experienced restorative dentists, proudly serving patients daily throughout: Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and the surrounding Florida communities.

What Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Involve?

Full mouth construction can consists of any combination of restorative dental procedures including:

  • Teeth whitening, tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, or porcelain veneers
  • Dental implant placement and restoration
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Root canal therapy
  • Crown lengthening
  • Gum recontouring
  • Orthodontics
  • Jaw repositioning

Do You Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you are suffering from any of the following dental problems, you should make an immediate full mouth reconstruction consultation appointment:

  • Tooth loss due to decay or trauma
  • Fractured teeth
  • Worn down or discolored teeth from long-term acid erosion or tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Chronic bite issues resulting in jaw pain, headaches, or earaches
  • Painful, sensitive teeth and bleeding gums

Juno Beach Full Mouth Reconstruction Consultations

If you believe you need a full mouth reconstruction, you can schedule a comprehensive examination with Juno Beach Smiles today. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley will examine your mouth to determine the extent of your dental problems and the best course of treatment to correct them. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley are highly qualified restorative dentists, proudly delivering quality care daily throughout: Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and nearby cities.

Quick Dental Fixes with High Quality Dental Inlays and Onlays from Juno Beach Smiles

February 16, 2015

98198423Do you have a “partially” damaged or decayed tooth? If you have a tooth that is too damaged to support a tooth filling, but not damaged enough to require a dental crown, you may be a good candidate for a dental inlay or onlay restoration. Capping a damaged tooth with a dental crown may unnecessarily remove more tooth structure than is actually needed. On the other hand, a dental filling that’s too large can significantly weaken the remaining healthy structure of a damaged tooth, causing additional fracturing or leading to the need for a root canal. Dental inlays and onlays solve this problem. They fall somewhere in between dental filling and dental crown restorations. Dental inlays and onlays can fully restore large cavities and are a less invasive and more affordable way to renew the form and function of a damaged tooth. If you think you might need a dental inlay or onlay, make an appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles for your restorative dental care consultation today. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley are trusted restorative dentists, delivering quality care daily throughout: Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and the surrounding Florida communities.

How Are Dental Inlays and Onlays Different?

Dental inlays and onlays are actually the same restoration, but they are used to restore different proportions of a tooth. A dental inlay fills the space in between the cusps, or rounded edges, at the center of a tooth’s surface. A dental onlay works like an inlay but covers one or more cusps or the entire biting surface of a tooth. Because of their more extensive coverage, dental onlays are sometimes referred to as partial crowns. They are more durable and last longer than dental fillings, and are typically made of composite resin or porcelain. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, your dental inlay or onlay can last a lifetime.

Do You Need Restorative Dental Care?

Whether you think you need a dental filling, dental inlay, onlay, or dental crown, doesn’t matter. All that really matters is that you get the restorative dental treatment you need. Ignoring your dental problems can jeopardize your dental and overall health, regardless of which type of restoration you end up getting.

Juno Beach Restorative Dentistry Appointments

Make your restorative dentistry appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles today. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley are restorative dentistry specialists, now proudly renewing smiles daily throughout: Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and nearby areas.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy from Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley in Juno Beach, FL?

January 16, 2015

450745673Do you have a tooth that aches periodically and is sensitive to heat and cold? If you do, you most likely have a serious tooth infection that requires immediate attention. Even if you’re not in constant pain, periodic tooth discomfort is a serious issue. It can indicate that your tooth is in danger of falling out or needing to be extracted. The only way to save an infected tooth is with comprehensive root canal therapy. Root canal therapy has a reputation for being a painful procedure, however the opposite is true. Root canal therapy can be painlessly completed and will actually stop any current pain or discomfort and save you from the burden of natural tooth replacement. Eliminate tooth pain and preserve your natural smile by making an appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles for the root canal therapy you need today. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley are highly qualified restorative dentists. Juno Beach Smiles delivers quality restorative care daily throughout Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and the surrounding communities.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

No. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley will make sure that all pain is blocked and you are completely relaxed for the entire treatment process. First, we will x-ray your infected tooth and administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. After your tooth is numb, we will place a small protective dental dam over the area to isolate the tooth for the procedure. Next, we will make a small opening in the top of the tooth. Dr. Keuning will clean out the infected pulp from the inner pulp chamber and root canals and then shape the space for filling. After the canals are cleaned and shaped, Dr. Keuning will fill them with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha. Finally, your tooth will be sealed and covered with a dental crown or other restoration to protect and restore it to full form and function.

Is Root Canal Therapy Worth It?

Absolutely. Root canal therapy is necessary whenever a tooth becomes inflamed or infected. The infection can stem from a variety of causes, including: dental injury, decay, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, a fractured tooth, or advanced gum disease. If the resulting infection is left untreated, it can cause intense pain, dental abscess, and eventually the loss of your natural tooth. While there are many effective tooth replacement solutions available, there is no method that is better for your long term health than preserving your natural teeth.

Juno Beach Root Canal Therapy Appointments

Make your root canal therapy appointment with Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley at Juno Beach Smiles today. Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley will gently and efficiently restore your healthy smile. Juno Beach Smiles is trusted by patients throughout Juno Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, North Palm Beach, and neighboring areas.

How Many Teeth Do I Have?

April 30, 2014

restorative dentistryFor today’s post, we want to offer an interesting bit of trivia, besides highlighting a few of our services.

First, the trivia: How many teeth does the average person have?

The average child has 20 teeth—10 on top and 10 on the bottom. For adults, the number is between 28 and 32, depending on whether you still have wisdom teeth. That number breaks down to 12 molars (including wisdom teeth), eight incisors, eight premolars, and four canines. Every one of these teeth is important and should be cared for regularly with brushing and floss.

Of course, some patients are missing one or more teeth. At Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley offer a range of restorative services to help patients replacing missing teeth. Those services include:

Are you missing one or more teeth? One of these services may be able to help you. To find out which, call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Keuning or Dr. Riley. During your visit, we can explain what the treatment process will be like and answer any questions you might have.

We offer restorative care to patients from Juno Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, Jupiter, and nearby communities.

Crown and Bridgework for Juno Beach and Beyond

February 7, 2014

BridgeAt Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic, we’re proud to offer care that’s both affordable and durable.

One service that falls into both of those categories is a bridge. Formally known as a crown and bridge, this restorative service can help a patient replace a single missing tooth or several teeth in a row.

Because a bridge replaces one or more missing teeth, it’s similar to dental implants—another effective restorative service—but there’s a key difference. Dental implants are held in place by one or more prosthetic roots made of titanium. A bridge, on the other hand, helps patients enjoy solid, natural results by attaching to healthy nearby teeth.

A bridge procedure is also less invasive than a dental implants procedure. Getting dental implants requires invasive oral surgery, and the full process takes months to complete. A bridge, meanwhile, can be put in place in far less time and the recovery time is also much quicker. As a result, our patients from Juno Beach and beyond can have a beautiful looking smile again in short order.

Are you ready to restore what your smile is missing? Call Juno Beach Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry for an appointment with our Juno Beach dental team. Dr. Riley and Dr. Keuning would be happy to talk to you about this great tooth replacement option.

We offer restorative care to patients from nearby Florida communities, including North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and Jupiter as well.

Start Planning Your End-of-Year care

October 31, 2013

cosmetic and restorative dentistryEveryone wants to have a beautiful smile for the holidays. But a beautiful smile can’t be made overnight—it’s takes some planning. At Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Duane Keuning and Dr. Greg Riley offer many of today’s best cosmetic and restorative services. Working from a deep understanding of your needs, our Juno Beach team can design a treatment plan that will give you the smile you want.

But to have it in time for the holidays, we need to get started now.

During a consultation appointment, we’ll assess your current needs and talk to you about the kinds of changes you’d like to see. Depending on the results of both, we may be able to give you the smile you want in just one or two appointments. If you need more work, the process may take longer.

Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are among the most popular cosmetic services we offer. If you’re primarily looking for an aesthetic makeover, these can help you achieve dazzling results. If you need restorative care, we offer a range of options, including crowns, crown and bridgework, and dental implants.

Which service (or services) is most right for you?

Dr. Keuning and Dr. Riley want to help you answer that question. Call Juno Beach Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry today to reserve an appointment. We’re creating healthy, beautiful smiles for patients from Juno Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and Jupiter.

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