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Invisalign Clear Aligners – Juno Beach, FL

Straighter Teeth, Greater Smiles

Are you embarrassed by crooked teeth but don’t like the look of traditional metal braces? Invisalign clear aligners from Juno Beach Smiles could be the solution. Dr. Riley and Dr. Keuning have been delivering straight teeth using Invisalign for years and have seen fantastic results for many patients. With Invisalign, you can have a more appealing smile without the unwanted discomfort or appearance of traditional orthodontics.

Why Choose Juno Beach Smiles for Invisalign?

  • In-House Savings Plan For Dental Care Available
  • Experienced Dentists Who Know The Invisalign System Well
  • Dental Practice Serving The Community For Decades

How Invisalign Works

Woman putting on her Invisalign aligner in Juno Beach

When you first begin your Invisalign treatment, you’ll undergo a thorough dental exam and treatment planning stage before receiving your aligners. These will be worn for around 22 hours per day—only removed for eating and oral hygiene.

The aligners apply gentle force on your teeth, gradually shifting them into their planned positions over time. As each aligner finishes doing its job, you’ll trade it out for the next one in the series and repeat this process until your new gorgeous smile has been achieved.

Indications for Invisalign

Example of an Invisalign aligner from Juno Beach Smiles

Wondering if Invisalign is right for you? We can tell you for sure at your appointment, but the treatment works best for those with mild to moderate problems with the alignment of their teeth. The discreet aligners can be employed to address:

Crowded Teeth

Patient in Juno Beach with crowded teeth

When your mouth is overcrowded, it can make your smile unappealing and difficult to clean effectively. Invisalign can gently guide them around, creating more space for your pearly whites.

Gaps Between Teeth

Patient in Juno Beach with a tooth gap

Tooth gaps can cause lowered self-esteem and oral hygiene problems as food becomes more easily stuck. Our clear aligners can slide your teeth closer together, eliminating food traps and spacing issues.

Bite Alignment

Patient in Juno Beach with bite alignment issues

Your bite refers to how your teeth fit together when your jaw closes. Even slight deviations can cause major discomfort when trying to eat or even when your mouth is at rest. With Invisalign, overbites, underbites, and crossbites are easily corrected.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Two patients with their Invisalign aligners in Juno Beach

Here are some of the great benefits you can enjoy while achieving your best smile ever:

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Dentist in Juno Beach discussing costs for Invisalign

The cost for Invisalign isn’t a fixed price. It can vary from patient to patient depending on the complexity of your case. To get a clearer understanding of the true cost of your treatment, you should call our office and schedule an Invisalign consultation. Once Dr. Riley or Dr. Keuning has evaluated you, they will go over your plan and make sure the costs involved are as transparent as our aligners.


Matt and his entire family are patients here at Juno Beach Smiles, which includes his wife Heather along with their 16-year-old daughter, 13-year-old twins, and Matt’s parents. He had braces as a child, but he didn’t wear his retainers afterward, so his teeth started to misalign again. Rather than redoing braces, Dr. Keuning had him use Invisalign because it is much more discreet. After the initial treatment was over, Dr. Keuning knew that he could make Matt’s smile look even better, so he paid for two additional months of Invisalign out of his own pocket until the results were perfect.

Watch Matt’s Story

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