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Why Dental Implants in Juno Beach Are Perfect at Any Age

August 6, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — Greg Riley @ 8:23 pm

An older couple smiling outside.Replacing teeth is important, but the only factor more important than replacing teeth is the method in which it’s done. Dentures and dental bridges may seem like a cost-effective solution at first because of their lower upfront cost, but at what point does replacing them regularly outweigh the savings?

Furthermore, dental implants in Juno Beach are more capable of lasting in the long-term and thanks to treatments that make receiving them easier for more people, there’s no reason not to switch.

The Alternatives Don’t Cut It Anymore

People who have reached 65 years of age and higher are the main groups susceptible to chronic tooth loss. As a result, many of these people choose to use a denture or dental bridge to bring back their smile and make eating easier. Unfortunately, dentures only act as a band-aid for a problem that requires much more to solve. Since dentures and bridges only rest on top of the gums, they don’t prevent the process of bone resorption from happening.

Bone resorption is a process where bone that is no longer being stimulated travels to other areas of the body, a common problem among older individuals. As a result, the jawbone becomes weaker, shrinks in size, and fails to give people the fullest biting force possible. With a lower biting force comes a more limited diet and in the worst case scenario, chronic malnutrition. Older individuals need to have a balanced diet or they run the risk of developing health problems later.

How the Cost Outweighs the Savings

Furthermore, dentures and dental bridges may appear to save money at first, but they aren’t designed to last forever. In fact, dentures often need to be replaced every five to seven years due to the mouth constantly changing shape. Even if the denture lasts ten years or more, it will still cost people more money in the long-term by constantly replacing their false teeth. Dental bridges typically last longer, averaging 10 to 15 years, but are often met with the same fate as their contemporaries.

With the power of dental implants, you almost always end up saving money and experience a better tooth replacement overall.

Benefits Exclusive to Dental Implants

Dental implants don’t only prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and creating an uneven bite. They don’t exclusively function as a cosmetic solution for tooth loss. In fact, dental implants work to replace your tooth all the way down to the root. By replacing the source of the problem, patients can:

  • Chew the foods they enjoy, regardless of their toughness
  • Eat a more balanced diet and prevent malnutrition
  • Promote bone growth and stimulation
  • Stop the jawbone from shrinking
  • Prevent damage typically caused by bridges and dentures
  • Save money (implants typically last anywhere from 30 years to a lifetime)

Don’t settle for the inferior tooth replacement option any longer. Experience full tooth replacement by scheduling a consultation with an implant dentist in Juno Beach today!

About the Author

Dr. Greg Riley has been placing implants and restorations since 1999. With his experience, you’re sure to get a replacement tooth or arch that’s far superior to any other option on the market. To learn more about the process and get started rebuilding your smile, you can contact him through his website.

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